OHB Chile

The OHB group is an European multinational technology corporation, with the headquarter in Bremen, Germany. Integrated skills in the areas of space technology and telematics make the OHB group a leader in the space, aeronautics and telematics industry.

With the purpose of building 25 antennas for the ALMA observatory and thanks to the combination of experience and skills, MT Mecatronica (today OHB Chile) was born in 2009.

Today with the name of OHB Chile, the company offers to its customers access to high standard solutions in design, development, assembly, operation and maintenance of industrial and complex technological systems. For this, OHB Chile is home to an excellent human capital, characterized by professionalism, transparency and orientation to success.

Our vision is to grow with our clients and collaborators, delivering an excellent service and creating a nutritious base for new talents in all areas of our company as well as in cutting-edge technology. We also want to continue to be part of the growth of new technologies and clean energy in Chile and in the world.

More information about our parent company can be found at www.ohb.de.